dbsettings.php is CMS base configuration file. Common configuration you will be able to set up in already installed CMS.

To install and use SiMan CMS you need to edit includes/dbsettings.php file, and setup next parameters:

$hostNameDB - MySQL server name (usually localhost). If your server running MySQL not on default port use hostname:port

$nameDB - MySQL database for SiMan.

$userNameDB - MySQL username with full access to database specified in $nameDB.

$userPasswordDB - password for MySQL user specified in $userNameDB.

$tableprefix - prefix before each database table used in CMS (sm_ by default)

$tableusersprefix - if you are running few instances of SiMan CMS with single user space you can cpecify separated prefix for user tables. Leave it empty for default settings (the same as $tableprefix).

$session_prefix - security prefix for user sessions. We are strongly recommend to change it.

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